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The Keto

I have been avoiding talking about this for awhile but this trending diet isn’t going away anytime soon. So what exactly is the deal with keto?

Many are looking for a quick weight loss solution and some are trying to vary their already low carb diet routine. But what exactly is this diet and why is it so popular?

Our bodies thrive on carbs for energy

On keto or when the body is in ketosis, the body breaks down fat instead to use as fuel.

Keto breakdown:

✅High in fat: typically 80% or more of total calories

✅Moderate in protein: 10-20% of total calories

✅Low in carbohydrates: 5-10% of total calories

Did you know that the keto diet was mainly used to treat epilepsy before? Especially for children whose medications were not effective. Also some studies have been done on the positive effects on those with type 2 diabetes.

Some unpleasant side effects of keto can be GI issues typically constipation which is unsurprising especially since whole grains are cut out (FIBER). Also too much animal protein can put a strain on your kidneys.

So what can you eating? Sorry but this diet is not an excuse for all the red meat and bacon you can eat. HEALTHY FATS are encouraged:

1️⃣Olive and avocado oil



4️⃣Seeds and Nuts

5️⃣Natural nut butters

6️⃣Non artery clogging proteins

As always, please make sure you are following up with a doctor and especially a dietitian. Have you done keto before? Has it worked for you?


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