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Nourishment on the Go

This post is sponsored by Campbell’s® Well Yes!®

So we have covered food freedom and the joy of eating guilt free. But, you are still wondering how to add nourishment to your day. Especially if you are busy, you are probably looking for new food options but don’t know how to add variety, taste, and nourishment in your day.

This comes up consistently with clients and followers alike. What are some ideas on how to incorporate nutritious options that are equally tasty?

1. Make sure you have on-the-go options that can travel well. Even if you don’t plan on being out and about, it saves time.

2. Make sure it tastes good because if you don't enjoy your food what's the point honestly?

3. Try to make sure your food is satisfying. And, of course, I’m a dietitian so try to incorporate the veggies when you can.

Okay so what are some actual food options? Glad you asked as I am very happy to introduce you to Campbell’s® Well Yes!® sipping soups. These are delicious, drinkable, on- the-go friendly soups. And I just want to emphasize delicious here…

Here are some other fun and nourishing facts for you:

Campbell’s® Well Yes!® soups can deliver on average 1/3 of your daily recommended servings of veggies in one convenient sipping cup

● Speaking of veggies, since the sipping soups contain these plant-forward ingredients, this may help with your daily fiber intake

● These are incredibly delicious as I mentioned, but also satisfying, hence the veggie and fiber content

● There are 7 tasty sipping varieties for you to choose from, which would also be a great way to introduce new flavors to your taste palate

● The sipping soups are microwavable and ready in 2 minutes and no spoon or bowl is needed. SUPER convenient!

My favorite part of these sipping soups is not only the convenience factor, but the versatility of it as well. These are a really great snack when you’re busy or on the go. When I know that I have a meeting coming up, I don’t hesitate to pop one in the microwave and heat it up. That way it is ready for me to sip when I’m ready. I also like to throw one in my bag when I know I’m going to the office and need another snack option for the day. Easy peasy!

Now, the only hard part is choosing which flavor to try. Decisions, decisions. Which one sounds the most tasty to you?


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