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Is HAES the right approach for you?

What is Health At Every Size?

Health at Every Size (HAES) is an important movement that is happening now. Our current health system is flawed and values those in a thinner body despite their health. HAES acknowledges that not every large body is "unhealthy" and not every thin body is "healthy". Just because someone is in a larger body, they still deserve the same respect and care as everyone else. Everyone deserves to go to the doctor and not have their whole visit based on their weight. Not every diagnosis is weight related.

Because of diet culture, not everyone is ready for this type of approach which is normal. We have been taught to believe that our physical appearance over rides our mental health even. It's important to know and to really come to terms with rejecting the diet mentality. If you are still unsure if this approach is for you, I recommend clicking for the below checklist to see if you qualify. It's okay if you are not there yet! Keep learning and keep trying to have an open mind.

Please click the below for more details and find out if this approach is right for you.

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