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The Nutrition Tea
  • Are you currently accepting clients?
    At the moment, counseling is on hold. I plan to start the virtual counseling services again in 2024, but for now, all services are currently on hold. Thank you for your interest.
  • What forms of payment does The Nutrition Tea take?
    At the moment, I do not accept insurance. I accept payment through both Venmo and PayPal.
  • What is a session like with you?
    Each client will be different according to different goals. Every dietitian has their area of interest and mine is building a healthy relationship with food. I absolutely do not counsel if the primary goal is weight loss. All sessions are either virtual or by phone.
  • How many sessions will it take to reach my goal?
    This is also very individual and varies from client to client. Clients can choose how many sessions they would like. In order to really make progress and reap the benefits, I recommend everyone having at least 2 sessions.
  • I am interested in intuitive eating and HAES but still want to drop a few pounds.
    Unfortunately, this means that you are not quite ready for this approach. Intuitive eating and HAES do not focus on weight loss at all. I do not give meal plans because everyone's eating styles are also different. Please be mindful of this when inquiring about a session.

Frequently asked questions

Currently, my client list is full so I cannot take on additional prospects at the current time. I will continue to update once this changes. Thank you.

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