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Live Nourished

Live Nourished - Make Peace with Food, Banish Body Shame, and Reclaim Joy will be available August 13th!

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About the book

In Live Nourished, Shana Spence starts by exposing diet culture for what it is: a patriarchal, capitalist mindset that is engrained in countless aspects of our society, and that keeps us from living healthily and joyfully. It’s a systemic belief that equates fitness, health, and thinness with worth and assigns food a moral value. And it’s a belief that pervades our society.

Spence’s arguments will open your eyes to the insidiousness of this mindset, which coopts the way that we speak, we eat, we move, and live our lives. Through a takedown of diet culture in all its forms, Spence explains why diets don’t work, and provides you with the courage and the knowledge needed to prioritize nourishing the body and soul.

To get there, Spence walks you through healing your relationship with food. Touching on concepts like intuitive eating and health at any size, Live Nourished provides you with a roadmap towards eating, moving, and living in a way that works for you.

Spence’s thesis is simple: If we can learn to separate ourselves and our worth from diet culture, we can learn how to eat when we’re hungry, meet our body’s unique needs, and discover which foods give us pleasure—all while nourishing our bodies and souls in the process.

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