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If You Think Tacos Aren't Healthy, We Have News For You

Outside Magazine - Nov 10, 2022

"If you had to choose between eating tacos every day or being skinny for the rest of your life, would you choose hard or soft tacos?" This quote can be seen throughout Pinterest and Etsy, and, while it seems innocent enough, the implication is that tacos are tasty, yes—but also unhealthy. Click for more

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Why Weight-Loss Challenges Have No Business in the Workplace

Self Magazine - Aug 29, 2022

Who could forget the episode of The Office when employees at the Scranton branch took part in a company weight-loss challenge? The TV sitcom played for laughs the tactics that some of the characters used in order to shed pounds for the competition, including not eating and even swallowing a tapeworm. Click for more.

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No, You Don't Need To "Earn" Your Next Meal

Outside Magazine - Aug 1, 2022

he questions surrounding what to eat—and when—in our society are abundant: Did we exercise enough to earn our spaghetti dinner? Did we eat less before an extravagant meal so that we can feel less guilty enjoying it? Almost everyone has probably heard, or uttered, phrases like, “I deserve this meal because I went to the gym earlier.” But you don’t have to earn your food, and a meal should not just be a reward. Calories are necessary for our bodies—even without exercise—and food is a vital connection between people, their communities, and their heritage. So it’s time we started thinking about it that way. Click for more.

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I'm an RD, and There's a Problem With the Mediterranean Diet We Need to Talk About

Self Magazine - Jun 18, 2022

The Mediterranean diet is constantly lauded in the nutrition world—in fact, U.S. News has named it the “best diet overall” for five years straight—but as a registered dietitian, I think it’s time to think about it a little differently: It’s time to dethrone the Mediterranean diet as being the very best way to eat. Click for more.

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Kim Kardashian's Drastic Weight Loss for the Met Gala is Concerning

Shape Magazine - May 3, 2022

It feels like the entire internet was waiting to see what Kim Kardashian would wear to the Met Gala this year. When she showed up in a dress once worn by Marilyn Monroe, she certainly had people talking. Bringing the historical relic back to the public eye seems harmless enough, except for the fact that the dress was apparently too small for the reality TV star and entrepreneur when she first tried it on. Kardashian admitted she had to lose a considerable amount of weight in a short period of time in order to fit into the dress that could not be altered. Click for more.

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How to have a healthy relationship with food

Good Morning America - Feb 28, 2022

Nutritionist and dietician Shana Spence breaks down disordered eating and how it can impact your relationship with food. Click for more.

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