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Self Love

When people say they move to New York to find inspiration I’m imagining this is what they mean. I’m Brooklyn born and bred so sometimes I’m immune to these little nuances. I passed this wall art (really nice graffiti) a thousand times on my way to dance class but this weekend was the first time I stopped and obviously snapped a pic.

Did you know that $66 billion went into the weight loss industry in 2017? We’re into 2019 so that number has most definitely gone up. Why do you think that is? This society profits off of low self esteem and self doubt.

We are entering a movement where people are becoming more self aware with food. The word diet isn’t trendy anymore so now people say that they want to eat “clean”. I’m sorry were you eating dirt before? J.Lo has a 6 pack and said she stopped eating sugar. The Kardashians are doing keto. Beyoncé went vegan. Tom Brady and Gisele don’t eat nightshade vegetables. Notice a theme???

Please stop letting this industry profit off of you. Take care of yourself by choosing to nourish your body not deprive it. Why contribute to this billion dollar industry of you are not profiting from it?


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