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A couple of years ago I would never have even posted this pic. I could find hundreds of little things that I didn’t like about it and still don’t. I suffered from body dysmorphia starting in high school which continued through my early 20s. Being in a competitive athletic environment certainly wasn’t helping.

It’s something that affects many women and men. It took awhile to work through and it’s one of the many (many) reasons why I decided to become a dietitian. It’s one of the reasons I always yap away about mindful eating and body positivity because I know what’s it like to want to weigh your food and count every single calorie. ... ... 💫 Always remember your progress even if it seems small at the time. ... 💫 Get support from family friends or even a support group so people know what’s on your mind and what you’re thinking. ... 💫 And remember everything takes time and it’s okay and you’re okay 👌🏽


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