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Dairy Free Substitutes

What do you think of substitutions? I’m not against dairy personally (I never say no to ice cream and cutting out cheese will never happen) but I do tend to use almond milk when I can. Do you know the basics of the different varieties available?


Oat milk —> This has been trending recently due to its creamy texture. So much so that suppliers are running out! At 100-120 calories per serving it’s higher than almond, coconut, and rice.


Almond milk —> Contains added vitamin D and E, calcium and protein. The unsweetened versions are usually low at about 35 calories per serving. It is also lower in carbs not causing blood sugar to rise like oat and rice.


Rice milk —> The least allergenic of all milks. Also this version rarely has added sugar because it is natural sweet. It has the highest carbohydrate level at 22 grams (not great for diabetics).


Coconut milk —> Contains more fat than the other alternatives, and nearly all of it is saturated. Can be fortified with calcium, vitamins A and D. Also note that most coconut milk unless it is the canned version has been watered down.

Milk Substitutes


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