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I always say I am probably made up of about 90% carbs. Believe it or not there are actually carbs out there that you should be eating and can optimize your health. Remember carbs are a great source of energy and fiber to keep you full and regulate that digestive system. The following are some of my favorite (this list is from Cooking Light):

1️⃣ Whole wheat bread - contains more fiber and protein than white. And is also versatile for toppings like nut butters and avocado


2️⃣ Raspberries - contains about 8g of fiber in 1 cup and also contain a ton of vitamin C which is great for winter.

3️⃣ Sweet Potatoes - my personal favorite are a great source of Vitamin A and fiber, which fills you up and can improve your skin health.

4️⃣ Squash - again a ton of fiber (notice the trend) Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium. Great additions to stews and soups as well.

5️⃣ High fiber pasta - made with beans or peas such as chickpeas or black beans, these options have more fiber and also more protein to keep you fuller longer.

6️⃣ Bananas - one of the best for pre workouts and also easily portable! It has a ton of potassium, which helps with hydration and blood pressure regulation. Just add some nut butter for some added protein.

Honorable mentions - avocados, apples, seeds, oats, and whole grain or bran cereal.

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