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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day / February 14th / Galentine’s Day!!! 🌹💋💄 Not a nutrition post but I thought I’d share some fun heart 💞and chocolate 🍫 facts. 🤗 ❤️ The average heart is the size of a fist in an adult. 🍫 White chocolate is not actual chocolate but made from cocoa butter. 🧡 Your heart will beat about 115,000 times each day. 🍫 It takes 400 beans to make 1 single pound of chocolate. 💛 Your heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood every day. 🍫 70% of the world’s cocoa supply comes from Africa. 💚 A woman’s heart beats slightly faster than a man’s heart. 🍫 The first chocolate candy bar was made in England - Cadbury! 💙 It’s possible to have a broken heart. It’s called broken heart syndrome and can have similar symptoms as a heart attack. 💜 Laughing is good for your heart. It reduces stress and gives a boost to your immune system.

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